Wish Paperwork & Participants

  • Volunteers continue to be responsible for completing and submitting the Wish Child Form, Wish Family Form, and Volunteer Notes page. 
  • Staff are now responsible for inviting wish participants to complete and digitally sign forms using DocuSign.  

Please read below for more details.


Volunteer Packet (PDF)


The packet includes the Wish Child Form, Wish Family Form, and Volunteer Notes Page. 


Please complete these forms as thoroughly as possible. They are formatted as fillable PDFs so you can complete them electronically and email them to the wish coordinator. If you prefer to complete them by hand, please email a scanned copy or picture of them. 


Wish Participant Forms (DocuSign)

Once a child’s wish is clearly determined and captured on the Wish Child Form, the Wish Coordinator enters the wish into our database and triggers the system to send pre-populated DocuSign forms to wish participantsWhen wish participants complete and sign the forms, digital copies are emailed to the wish coordinator, volunteers, and participants. 

Wish Participant Forms (Printable)

If wish participants do not have an email address or are not comfortable signing forms with DocuSign, they can complete and sign physical paperwork.  


In these instances, volunteers can print the necessary forms linked below, assist the family as needed, and return the signed forms. Scanned copies or pictures of the forms can be emailed to the wish coordinator, except the Single and Absent Parent Forms which must be mailed to the Make-A-Wish Office at:


200 W Monroe Street

Suite 1801

Chicago, IL 60606  



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