The Mission Delivery Team

Below you will find detailed information about the wish granting staff available to help you throughout the wish process.  For a printable version of our roster or detailed information about our Mission Delivery staff, please click on the available links below:

Mission Delivery Team

Onboarding & Discovery Team

Travel Wish Team


Kayla Hanley
Wish Experience Manager
312.602.9467 office



Ariel Diamond
Senior Wish Experience Manager, Travel
312.602.9441 office


Alexis Nolan
Wish Coordinator, Onboarding & Discovery
312.602.9458 office


Emily Diodati
Wish Coordinator, Travel
312.602.9466 office

Danielle Ruben
Senior Wish Coordinator, Onboarding & Discovery
312.602.9411 office


Maddi Cue
Wish Coordinator, Travel
312.602.9407 office


Carly Fishbein
Senior Wish Coordinator, Onboarding & Discovery
312.602.9432 office

Sarah Gonser
Senior Wish Coordinator, Travel
312.602.9437 office

Clare Maylone
Wish Coordinator, Onboarding & Discovery
312.602.9463 office

Hannah Kasapis
Wish Coordinator, Travel
312.602.9459 office


Andrew Keller
Wish Coordinator, Travel

312.602.9492 office 

Local and Multilingual Wish Team


Rose LeVally
Wish Manager, Local and Multilingual
312.602.9454 office


Taylor Stirmell
Senior Wish Coordinator, Local
312.602.9421 office


Karina Pachuca
Multilingual Wish Specialist
312.602.9427 office


Andrea Garcia
Multilingual Wish Specialist



Mission Services Team

Melissa Davis
Mission Services Manager
312.602.9456 office 

Katie Cholewa
Mission Services Coordinator


Cathy Chan
Wish Volunteer Coordinator
312.602.9474 office







Ryan Blackburn
Vice President, Mission Delivery
312.602.9414 office




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